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This delightful Rwandan coffee has helped us deliver a lovely caramel flavour, something we’ve been searching for!

This lot is one of the Bwishaza co-operatives larger harvests, and it’s processed using a washed double soaked method. Ripe cherry is hand harvested and delivered to the washing station, then flotation in tanks are used as the first step to remove any defects. The coffee cherry is then pulped and fermented for 12-16 hrs in water before being graded in grading channels. The coffee is then soaked a second time for 10-12 hrs before it is dried on raised beds.

We love the clean, bright juicy flavours, particularly caramel, orange and black tea.

Rwanda Bwishaza Washing Station
Location: Near to Kibuye, Lake Kivu
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Processing: Washed 
Altitude: 1650 + masl

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Beans, Espresso Grind, Filter/Cafetiere Grind


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