About Us

Craig and Phil joined forces to launch White Cloud Coffee out of their shared passion, but different backgrounds in speciality coffee. 


“My coffee journey started in New Zealand, while racing as an elite cyclist. Many hours of conversation on long training rides with more experienced coffee drinkers lead to a deep appreciation of origin, flavour and roasting.  All rides included coffee stops to recharge and enjoy the growing specialty coffee scene in NZ in the late 90s early 2000s.

After moving to the UK in 2005 a long spell in corporate marketing and branding followed. White Cloud was founded through our shared passion to bring coffee, sport and technology together to deliver the best seasonal coffee in the UK.”


“Phil, born in Brighton, grew up racing competitively in triathlons. He then made the switch to mountain biking, racing downhill and now enjoys spending endless days digging dirt jumps at his local trails.

After exploring a variety of jobs, Phil found himself traveling the world working on Super Yachts. He was docked in Seattle when a friend introduced him to speciality coffee and was forever hooked. So much so, when he returned to the UK, he set up a catering business serving at music festivals and sporting events across the county, selling speciality coffee as well as healthy breakfasts & snacks.

Moving on from the events business, he met Craig through a mutual friend. Their passion for riding and good coffee instantly made them great friends. With a joint desire to combine passion with work, they started White Cloud Coffee Co.”