We believe in two things – following our passions and enjoying great coffee.

We want you to take every opportunity to do what you love – get outside, get active, be happy.  Leave the coffee to us.

Our high grade coffee will bring flavours to life.  Notes of chocolate, brown sugar, and hints of caramel, orange and cherry depending on the origin or blend you opt for.

You can buy coffee as and when you need it, or save with our subscription service. Start, pause or stop at anytime, and our 250g bags will fit through a standard letterbox!

All our coffee contributes to a sustainable supply chain, where farmers are paid above Fair Trade prices for high grade produce, and the environment is respected through our low carbon roasting.

Ethically sourced, delicious coffee

We work directly with farmers in their local community wherever possible as we value deeper relationships with our suppliers. 

The picture above is from our Rwanda plantation, where we source one of our most popular coffees.  We are constantly impressed at the high grade, making it easier to deliver great flavours from farm to cup.


Choose from our selection of locally roasted coffee, all of which are carefully selected by working in partnership with small farmers in Rwanda, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Peru.