A great meal deserves great coffee.

Do your customers often refuse a coffee at the end of the evening? What if there was a delicious decaf coffee that you could sell, and increase your per table beverage sales?
We developed our Pioneer Decaf package specifically for restaurants who want to increase sales and offer a new product to their customers.

Seize the opportunity to grow your business by offering a freshly ground high quality, great tasting decaf coffee to your customers.  Many diners want to enjoy a high quality decaf coffee after a meal, and promoting this to your diners can lead to an increase in spend of £12-£15 per table per night, for little additional effort.  To get you started, we have sourced and tested the amazing Sette 270 grinder that can be dedicated to our wonderful Pioneer Decaf. Free staff training on how to upsell a table to decaf is included with the decaf starter pack.

Our Pioneer Decaf uses only high-quality beans, and Sugar Cane decaf process, so the taste is equal to any great espresso.

White Cloud Coffee Decaf starter pack includes:

  1. Free staff training on how to sell decaf to your diners
  2. Sette Grinder (Normally £264.95)
  3. 2 kg of Pioneer Decaf 

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