Opening on Friday 13th May!
We are super excited to be working directly with Brighton & Hove Council to bring White Cloud Coffee back to Madeira Drive for all our amazing locals ❤️

New cafe at Volks Railway

We have a new site at the bottom of Dukes Mound, on the Volks Railway Workshop terrace, and are neighbours again with our lovely friends at Beach Box Saunas.
The opportunity to establish a site on the sea front is hugely important to us. It’s our spiritual home, where we made so many connections with you over the difficult lockdown months and we are grateful to be back by the sea, everyday from 7:30am to sunset.


We are preparing everything at the moment, and will be serving coffee, cake ( banana bread anyone?!) and pastries.


Thanks to the Seafront Team and Volks Workshop Team for being so supportive in getting us setup 🙏🏻


Craig, Phil and The Team.

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